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Maleeka bin Amaani

Too bad, I've never won anything:(

I like it Β· Comment 3 Β· 4 minutes ago

Zumruda bin Zubaida

I thought it was a joke but I got my iPhone, I also told my friends how to get one!

I like it Β· Comment 17 Β· 38 minutes ago

Suria binti Hitam

I got a call to let me know I won, I'm so happy!

I like it Β· Comment 46 Β· 1 hours ago

Frank Miller

I thought it was a joke, but I got the prize this morning, I would like to do more surveys!

I like it Β· Comment 10 Β· 1 hours ago

Kinaana binti Abdus Salam

Is it possible to get my iPhone today? Thank you

I like it Β· Comment 36 Β· 2 hours ago

Thomas Cook

Cool, I had never won anything!

I like it Β· Comment 31 Β· 3 hours ago

Nirmala bin Suriani

I entered, won and received my iPhone 13 Pro in 5 days, thank you!

I like it Β· Comment 37 Β· 6 hours ago